7th Grade Curriculum



Students will deepen their ability to compose compelling prose in persuasive essays, literary analysis papers, and original stories, employing figurative language and literary devices. Students will further develop their ability to rigorously edit and revise their writing.



Exploring increasingly challenging novels, poems, memoirs, biographies and plays, students will delve deeper into analysis of the themes and layers of meaning put forth by a text. Students will examine the deliberate choices a writer is making in story structure, word usage and character development.



In the 7th grade math curriculum, students will learn to solve multi-step equations, systems of equations and inequalities- and to apply these skills to solving real world problems. In addition, students will begin working with basic proofs and studying logic, as well as continuing to explore probability.



The 7th grade history program is a year long exploration of the history of New York City. Through the study of primary sources including audio recordings, disaries and historical texts, as well as music, art, film and dance, students will examine rich and varied history of their city. Students will investigate topics including: Dutch and British colonization, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, immigration and Tammany Hall, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the Harlem Renaissance and the birth of Hip Hop.



Taking an introductory look at the origins of the universe through the narrative approach in Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything," students will learn about the origin of our universe and the process scientists used to discover it. Further studying the theory of relativity and the nature of matter, students will not only acquire knowledge of content, but also cultivate an understanding of the scientific inquiry process.



Students will build on their ability to converse, read and compose in Spanish. Building an increasingly varied vocabulary, students will deepen their understanding of the Spanish language and begin to explore short Spanish language stories.

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The Arts

Filmmaking, theatre, visual art and creative writing will be continue to be integral parts of the entire curriculum, providing opportunities for deeper engagement with the material being worked with, as well as providing opportunities to experience the joy and power of creative expression.


Holistic Development

Through writing, reflection, discussion and creative exploration, students will identify their strengths, weaknesses, preferences and habits. Students will develop tools to master themselves and optimize their performance level in all endeavors.