8th Grade Curriculum



Mastering the elements of technical, persuasive and creative writing, students will refine a personal style and writing process. They will utilize their compositional powers to compose research papers, pen original short stories and plays, as well as craft persuasive essays that tackle vital ethical dilemmas confronting young people in the modern world.



Delving into literature that examines the social, political and economic forces, students will analyze the moral questions and ethical dilemmas put forth by a classical and contemporary texts. Deepening the empathetic experience, students will endeavor to see the world through the eyes of others, developing their capacity to identify and understand others' subjective states and identify with their experiences.



In the study of Algebra 1, students will master working with quadratic equations, polynomials, radical expressions, factoring, two-variable equations, and systems of equations and inequalities. Emphasis is, as always, on the solution of word problems and the development of problem-solving skills.



Students will immerse themselves in the study of critical episodes in the development of American democracy. Moving from a foundation of rigorous research, students will examine past Supreme Court cases and analyze court decisions and rebuttals to understand critical shifts in United States history.



In the study of ecology, students will the learn about biodiversity, ecosystems and the food chain. In understanding the effects their choices on the world around them, students will study the causes and effects of climate change. Furthermore, students will examine the impact specific dietary choices have on the ecosystem and follow the impact of particular crops and animals from "farm to table."



Students will continue to fortify their ability to speak, write and read in Spanish. In the eighth grade year, students will also study the spanish language version of "The House on Mango Street" and the short plays of the Teatro Campesino.


The Arts

With a particular emphasis on theatre in the eighth grade year culminating the production of a short original play, visual art, music and movement writing will be continue to be integral parts of the entire curriculum, providing opportunities for deeper engagement with the material being studied, as well as providing opportunities to experience the joy and power of creative expression.


Holistic Development

Understanding how they are affected by outside influences and forces, students will develop an increased understanding of how their words and deeds affect the people in their lives. In addition, students will examine their ability to create change in their own lives and in the greater society.