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Our Approach

At the Independent Middle School Group, we practice Mastery-Based Learning- in which the needs of students determine the pace and nature of instruction.  Students will always have a clear understanding of the specific knowledge and skills they are acquiring and why those skills matter.

To that end, we focus on cultivating a Growth Mindset in students and insist on a process-oriented approach to learning. Attitude, mindset, study habits and work ethic are tracked and reported along with academic results. Assessments serve primarily as feedback to guide students and instructors.

While insisting on academic rigor and excellence, the curriculum stresses material that is relevant, exciting, and which provides opportunities for hands-on participation. Theatre, art, music dance, comedy and film are utilized throughout the curriculum to maximize engagement.

Our classes are kept intentionally small, maintaining no more than a 6:1 student to educator ratio. The trust cultivated within the group creates space for students to challenge themselves, take risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and discover what they are truly capable of achieving.