The Independent Middle School Group strives to inspires students to become lifelong learners by foster intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

We aim to instill the work ethic and study habits that allow students to thrive in most rigorous high schools.

We aim to nurture the awareness, compassion and resilience that allows students to develop into happy, healthy and well adjusted young adults.



With the maximized efficiency that comes from a small, focussed classroom, students are able to accomplish a full day’s work in a four hour school day.



Tuition operates on a sliding scales based on the number of participants in each group. Contact us for tuition details and financial information.



We fundamentally value a student’s work ethic, passion, their willingness to learn, as well as their ability to be a supportive member of their group. In that light, interviews with both the student and parent are as central to the admissions process as grades and test scores. Contact us for more information regarding the admissions process.